Our Business

We are future thinkers, building our business to deliver long-term, profitable growth so we can continue to shape how the cannabis industry can be a force of good for people and planet.

Our Brands

We create possibility plans for our brands to ensure they play a meaningful role in people’s lives beyond the products they offer.

Our People

We strive to create work environments that are diverse as the communities we serve and where our people are inspired to be highly original in both their personal and professional lives.

Our Communities

We want to be more than just a good neighbour, we invest in and contribute to the vitality and positive growth of the communities where we live and work.

Our Planet

There’s only one planet earth, and through our business and brands we are committed to take care of it and preserve its natural resources for future generations.


We create space so people and brands can grow


We nurture the magic of an idea


We are visitors on this planet and use our business to protect it for future generations


We value the uniqueness of others


We punch through adversity